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Dog Rough

Making music sound the dogs....

Audio Processing

Using the latest professional audio engineering tools we can restore, clean, EQ and level your digital audio files. We can remove annoying background noises as well pops, bangs, coughs and splutters and process your audio to make it pleasing to the ear and ready for broadcast.

  • Audio restoration

  • Multi-take comping

  • Vocal tuning

  • Audiobook processing

  • Podcast audio processing

  • Youtube audio processing

Dog Rough Audio Processing
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Mixing & Mastering

The art of getting a great sounding Mix starts with great recordings.

The art of getting a quality Master takes a great Mix and lots of coffee.

It's also helps if you've got a good ear. That bit is quite important!


Regardless of acoustic style we can create a well balance mix with space, depth and cohesion. Our systems allow you to annotate time stamped comments to the audio file ensuring easy communication with the Mix Engineer and complete control over your work.

Already got your Mix? Not a problem. Leave it with us to add the sprinkles on top with a broadcast ready Master!

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Music Production

Work with a professional Music Producer to create a commercial release. 

Whether you're a time served recording artist or just starting out on your musical journey we will guide you through the process and help develop your unique sound.

Haven't got a song to record? Need that killer live drum track but don't know who to call?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You will have full access to our trusted network of songwriters, lyricists and a variety of outstanding session musicians to help create music to be proud of. 

It doesn't stop there. As a full service Digital Record Company we can provide a turnkey solution to include song creation, recording, mixing, mastering and full digital release on all major streaming platforms.

Call today! We're here to help.

Dog Rough Song Production
Dog Rough - Single


From £600

Dog Rough - EP


From £1800

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